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Western States Center is retooling to meet this moment. 
And the truth is, we can’t do it without you.

With your financial support, we can work simultaneously on two critical fronts: challenging the terrain upon which white nationalists are building their movements while strengthening our own movements to withstand this current attack, so our constituencies are less susceptible to the siren call of nationalism and authoritarianism. Thank you for responding to the urgency of this moment and making a tax-deductible contribution that is meaningful for you.


​​With the passage of Reproductive Health Equity Act, more Oregonians are be able to decide if and when they have children based on what’s best for them and their family’s circumstances, and more Oregon families have the care they need to thrive. Click here to read more about our work to pass this groundbreaking law!


Breaking Isolation in the Region

We continue to build the power of progressive organizations and organizers throughout the Northwest and Mountain Region. Just days after the 2016 election, we met with almost two dozen progressive organizations in Idaho, strategizing the best ways to fortify the movement for the challenges of a Trump Administration and difficult legislative session. Read more from Kathy Griesmyer. 

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